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A book of frames from video works, 2019 

This artist book came about from going back and looking at my archive of videos made between 2011 to 2016 and finding images in the videos that talk to me the most and that talk to each other. By extracting images from the videos I am able to clearly identify the recurrent themes, and discover what is still relevant to my way of seeing and my practice today and decide what I can bring with me into the future. These themes include: light, partially seen - partially hidden underground structures, the animalistic side of humans, traces and abandoned scenes,

undefined landscapes, myself as both a performer and an observer.

The title comes from the fact that these images were created by pausing videos which have a temporality. They are also frames that pause movement. The majority of the photographs contain actions. Gestures and movements are important aspects of my photographic work. I often look for moments of tension or moments when nature intervenes to cause movement like wind blowing a spider´s web.

Many of the images I create have a previous existence, another digital life before they become photographs that are printed.

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