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Tarifa series 2018, digital photographs 

I originally went to Tarifa, the southernmost part of Spain, to study and capture bird migration. Many birds normally migrate from Africa to Europe in this area, but due to bad weather, few birds were making the trip at that time.


I began exploring Tarifa´s strange landscapes and discovered what the birds would see when they arrived. I came across abandoned buildings, animals roaming freely along the coastal paths and faded signs that seemed more useful for guiding someone through inner landscapes, than navigating that strange territory.


While I waited, I looked at the horizon and tried to contrast the physical with the intangible, the animals and the buildings with the imaginary line of the horizon.


This project was a reminder of the blind spots that exist in the artistic process and the need to venture to new places to find questions you didn´t realise you were looking for.

Tarifa series in Lokkus Gallery, Medellín, Colombia, 2019.

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