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Intimate Distances

Intimate Distances is an ongoing project in collaboration with Fernando Lima, a graphic designer from São Paulo. Fernando and I have been friends since 2014. I met him when I went to São Paulo, but due to the distance and the price of  plane tickets we have not been able to visit each other since, however we have maintained a constant friendship through WhatsApp and email.

In “Intimate Distances” we wanted to capture the interior space of our workspaces, which for us are also intimate spaces, and give those spaces a physicality. My workspace is inside my apartment in Barcelona, ​​and Fernando´s work space is inside his house in São Paulo. Then we wanted to exchange our interior spaces in an attempt to overcome the geographical distance that separates us with Fernando printing a model of the interior space of my flat in São Paulo, and me printing a model of his interior space in Barcelona.


Fernando asked me to measure my workspace and send him photos recording all the space. From that information he created the plans of the place and then with 3D Studio Max software he created the model of the intangible space of my house, and printed it with his own 3D printer. He created the plans of his own interior space and then he sent me the file to print here in Barcelona.


The next phase was to exchange contexts. Fernando started taking photographs of my interior space sculpture in São Paulo and took it with him when he went  to Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis. And I started photographing Fernando's model in Barcelona.


So far we have a selection of 20 digital photographs. The objective of the project is to interconnect intimate distances. For us, art allows us to interconnect places and eliminate their physical distance.

Distancias Intimas 06.jpg

Jenny Owens and Fernando Lima, Intimate Distances , 2018, digital photographs.

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