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About INTERNAL works

Over the past year I have been developing a series of works under the title Internal. To date, I have made drawings called Internal Horizons and Internal Traces. They came about through my research on Horizons. I learnt that there are different types of horizon, for example local horizon, geographic horizon, sea-level horizon, astronomical horizon and true horizon. I was particularly drawn to the concept of the “true horizon”, which if seen from orbit, follows the shape of the Earth. This got me wondering what shape my inner horizons might me and I made some drawings to explore this idea. I did the same when I was making work on the traces we leave on cities or the traces we find in cities that have been left by other people, for example two different layers of paint visible on a wall which are likely to have been painted at different times and by different people. Again I turned inwards, and asked myself what kind of traces did I have in my inner world, and made drawings based on these findings.

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