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Moving Horizons
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Moving Horizons, 2018, 01:15 minutes, digital video in colour, without sound, continuous projection.

What is a horizon? It is simply our looking into the distance. The horizon normally divides two spheres for example the sea and the sky, however often, within only one of these spheres, multiple horizons can be seen. In this video there are several moving horizons, several layers of clouds. Both the clouds and the plane are moving. In the editing I did not slow down time. The movement of the plane transports the viewer through the landscape, but the plane itself remains absent. The video aims to capture the natural, the thinness of the clouds and how light touches them. However, the image can only exist thanks to the mechanical. The plane and my camera. I connect this video with capturing a breath or a mental state that changes softly. I am interested in presenting works where the everyday, in this case the clouds, turn into something else, into something abstract, into an intangible place that can even be inside ourselves. When the context is removed, in this case the plane, you can see more details. Decontextualization makes us see better, it allows us to see more subtleties and more possibilities.

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