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About Traces works

The physical traces we find in a place remember that place, and its different phases of existence. For me, physical traces are visualizations of what memories might be like: the fragmented images our brains create when we remember. Traces could therefore be considered memories in the physical world. They are physical manifestations of memories. I am interested in the spaces where two existences overlap or meet, for example two different layers of paint on a wall, or when nature carries different traces along with it like feathers floating in a pond. For me, these traces contain stories. They are often the result of an action or gesture. They reflect the passing of time and can give us information about what previously happened in the place, or invite us to imagine what happened there. They remind us of all the other hidden layers that must exist in the city and in nature. Some traces may not appear to passers-by for some time. They lie in wait, underneath other already visible traces. Sometimes we might feel anonymous in a city, but just by keeping our eyes open we can see traces of other people´s lives and this can break down those feelings of loneliness. The Traces works pose the question: what traces do we leave on the cities and surroundings in which we live, and on the people who live there now, and those who will live there in the future?

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