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Tarifa in the south of Spain, is a place where two seas meet; The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They coexist but do not mix. The Atlantic Ocean, with its colder, less salinised waters, remains at the top, while and the warmer, more salinised waters of the Mediterranean Sea are found in the bottom currents. The series looks at the differences in the seas and tries to visualise how they coexistence without merging.

I also wanted to capture the passing of time and so turned frames of videos into photographs. Objects frame the landscape in the same way a camera does. I am interested in the idea that no two waves are the same, or will ever make the exact same formation again. 


The black and white image is a digital photograph of a fragment of a photograph from my family's album, and the colour one is a fragment of a digital image taken in 2018. Together they remind us of the timeless nature of the sea. 

Two Seas series 12 x 18 a.jpg
Two Seas series 12 x 18b.jpg
Two Seas series 15 x 40 .jpg

Two Seas series, 2018, digital photographs 

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