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Back roads series, digital photographs.  2014 / 2015

This series contains 40 photographs. Most of these images came about from walks or from car, bus or train journeys. The images themselves have been on a journey. Over half of them are compositions of two images that I have put together as fragments with the aim that the viewer will create their own narrative in the space in-between the two images. I have been inspired for a long time by Italian writer and pedagogue Gianni Rodari. In his book “The Grammar of Fantasy” he explains that a simple way to start creating stories is to take two words at random. I apply this idea when I work with two images at the same time. Even the single images have been on a journey. They are fragments of bigger images. I zoomed in on the original images to find the areas that I was most interested in. I then took photos of these photos until I arrived at the atmosphere of the image I was looking for, a tone that might suggest that they came from the realms of the unconscious.

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